Common uses of essential oils

  For an aromatic bath: Dilute 10 to 15 drops in the bath. Also, for feet baths, dilute 4 drops in hot water in large tub, soaking the feet for at least 20 minutes.

  For massaging: Massaging with essential oils acts intensely and has got pure benefits in aromatherapy. Dosage: 3-5 drops in 10ml(about 2 t.sp.) of base oil or lotion. For facial massage, add in 3 drops in 10 ml.

  For compresses, either cold or hot: Add 5-6 drops in 1/2 lt. of water. Stir well and soak the compress, squish well and then apply on the area that needs treatment.

  Scenting the room: Use special devices, like candle infusers, adding a few drops of essential oil on top of the candle. You can add drops on sole candles or drop them on the stove or on timber for the fireplace. The essential oil spreads fast and gives a pleasing sensation in the room.

  Inhaling, facial sauna: Add 5-7 drops in a tub of hot water. Lean forward, over the tub, and cover your head with a towel. Keep your eyes closed, avoiding irritation. Children should be kept off. Avoid that method for people with thin, sensitive skin.


  Avoid contacting pure essential oil on bare skin. If so, wash instantly with soap and running water. ALWAYS dilute with base oil(almond oil, olive oil) before use.

  Keep the essential oils off of children and pets.

Keep the essential oils firmly sealed in their original containers, in cool, dry place.

  Avoid using near or on sensitive areas, like the eye area. If so, rinse well under running water for 15 minutes. If wearing contact lenses, contact your doctor if the irritation keeps on.


  Only external use is advised. All the info pertaining the essential oils is informative and won’t substitute traditional medicine. Essential oils are not administered as drugs. For health issues, advise you doctor.

  Do a plain allergy test. To test tolerance, add a drop of essential oil in 1/2 t.sp., if you don’t see an rash developing after a few hours, then it’s safe.

  Avoid using essential oils on sensitive or damaged skin, or in case of allargy. If rash develops, please contact your doctor.

  Pregnant women or those breastfeeding should avoid using essential oils(Longe 2015, Tisserand and Balacs 1995, Vanaclocha and Canigueral 2003, Martins et al., 2014).

  Wash your hands well after each use.

Don’t use essential oils while eating, drinking or smoking.

  In case of swallowing, contact your doctor or the emergencies.